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I frequently get orders for something very special often that will include a favorite figurine or a certain design that is meaningful to a loved one...
 This is a Steam Punk Ostrich Egg Time Machine I made for my son.  Will have to drive down to LA to give it to him - don't trust mailing/shipping it!  The pictures look a bit cluttered and willy-nilly, but I assure you it's very very detailed and each piece appears to be very important to the "operation" of the time machine.  I used antique/vintage clock parts, antique sewing machine parts and hundreds of little cogs and gears, levers and springs/coils, plumbing pieces and polymer clay to embellish where needed.  The ostrich egg is the time carrier.  It is deep black inside and has teeeeny lights attached that gives the effect of traveling into another time and place.  The eyeball is the portal to everything and is attached in a way that looks like it's floating, with the pupil being large and hollow and very deep looking due to the large very strong magnifying glass suspended in front of it. The Mickey Mouse steam punk ears were the inspiration for this creation.  The leather pouch and binoculars are actually made from polymer clay with leather accents.  The photo of the two gentlemen in swim wear and diving helmets is from about 1900.  

This bride was created to resemble the bride's hair color and style of dress including lace and appliques.  The rose bouquet she is tossing was handmade by me.




Many of her eggs are made as display cases for a cherished figurine, such as this next one. It has a fine vintage cameo, imported bridal lace, Swarovski crystals, 22K goldplated enhancements and chains and is on a vintage Jadeite stand. The figurine is a Garden Faerie, inspired by the stories written in the 1920's. The Faerie is kneeling on a removeable lace and satin cushion and is enjoying a tiny wild rose. This particular egg was presented as a gift along with a book on Garden Faeries showing this particular one on the cover with its story inside.

Nesting eggs, similar to the Russian nesting dolls.  The cockatiel egg fits into the goose egg, which fits into the rhea egg which, in turn, fits into the ostrich egg.  All stand alone or as one unit.


The second nesting set has the addition of a duck egg making it 5 in all.  The main ostrich egg has been painted with the special red clear glass enamel over gold leaf effect Lynne created and has been cut to best show off the l920's brooch that is the centerpiece.  The emu has been sanded to reveal its natural teal color.  Swarovski rhinestones and vintage/antique  jewelry are the centerpieces.  All the eggs fit snugly inside each other.


Made especially for a famous Doll artist that created a one-of-a-kind fairy for this egg, it has been decorated with gold leaf, imported lace, Swarovski crystals and a velvet lined bottom half complimenting the gold glittery top half. The removeable cushion is reversable and made to match the lining.


Ballerina egg created for a little girl...
the ballerina inside is the winder for the music box.


This little scene was created for an adventurous young man.  The egg resembles an old leather trunk and is surrounded by a spy glass, miniature maps and books, a REAL miniature camera, various animals, and other things necessary for an "archeologist".

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Not ALL of her eggs are Grand and Elegant!! She found this polar bear in a second hand shop and created this little goose egg to go with it


 Other fantasy eggs have included this beehive egg on an old log surrounded by buzzing bees, gold and rhinestone bees and flowers. Inside was a Barefoots bear sitting with a pot of honey between his legs filled with golden honey and honey dripping off his ears, nose, paws and feet. A teeny bee was perched on his nose. The honey bucket was the keywind for the music box that played "Teddy Bears Picnic".


Cinderella's Castle is the inside suprise in this ostrich egg.  The stand is an antique brass dragon that Lynne gold leafed.  The topaz blue of the egg is 12 layers of transparent pigment over a metallic white pearl base. 22K goldplated decorations and Swarovski rhinestones decorate the outside.


This is another idea of Rose's.  She is a fan of Betty Boop. The base is a signed Limoges from the same era as Betty, I sanded the dimples off the ostrich egg so the finish is porcelaine-smooth!  Goldleafed and then a coat of red glass enamel stain put on it.  black velvet stripes, black patent netting dotted with TEENY Swarovski rhinestones and 4 large hearts paved with Swarovski deep red rhinestones.  Betty is the winder for the "I Wanna Be Loved By You" music box I was lucky enough to locate!  Inside, the top is paved with over 2000 black sequins put on individually and overlapping.


Searched long and hard for the PERFECT stand for this Marie Antionette egg. The ostrich egg sits free on the stand and is also shown in the special satin/velvet padded box made for it that has a plastic dome top which accomodated the rhinestone crown on the top of the egg beautifully.



Defintely designed for a man. This Emu egg is left in its natural color and the simple gold netting and leaves with red rhinestone berries are the only embellishments. The centerpiece is a very old but mint Celluloid pheasant just starting to fly away.


Another idea of Rose was a mermaid in an egg - somehow!  Using shells, sand, etc. gathered from Monterey Bay the bottom of this egg is a little tidepool protected by an oval plexiglass cover (for the mermaid to rest on).  The top half has a curved reverse plastic dome that leaves 1" space behind it to display the other marine life.  The dome has bubbles painted on the backside.  Mermaid can be set on the plexiglass cover or not.  The choppy seas are 360-degrees under a gull-filled cloudy sky.


The Ruby Slippers pin found in an antique shop insipired this egg. Deep black and red outside and sparklie red inside.


"I want a coffin for a whimsical little demon", said the well-known doll artist.  So this is what she got...  It's an emu egg with satin black enamel, antiqued gold decorations including a "vampire" cross, ruby rhinestones and blood red porcelaine roses. It sits on an antique bronze candle holder.  Inside it's lined with pleated white satin with the usual satin cushion and the top is lined with black sequins layered on individually like a snake skin, and centered with a gold filigree oval.


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